Sara and Maggie; photo by Brenda Carpenter

A New Leash on Life

Sara introduced Maggie to Pets in Motion when her tiny German shepherd puppy was just 6 weeks old. I hadn’t had a puppy in so long,” Sara remembers. “We brought her to Pets in Motion and she worked her way up from the puppy class, to Life in the Real World, and on to Obedience 1. Even so, Maggie remained hard to manage.”

From pulling on the leash, to barking at other dogs, Maggie was easily distracted. And the bigger she got, the harder she was to manage. Both working professionals with limited time at home, Sara and her husband turned to Pets in Motion to help reinforce Maggie’s classroom training with scheduled Day Training sessions with Susie Daily. “Susie comes to our house every day, takes Maggie out to exercise and practices the training she learns in class.” And this consistent, one-on-one attention really shows in Maggie’s behavior. “She is so much more manageable now,” said Sara. “We can walk down a street, walk by other dogs, and 80% of the time she’ll stay focused on me. That’s huge progress.”

Maggie continues to thrive with Day Training and Classes. “Susie and Anne give us the specific direction we need to train Maggie. Working with them continues to be a great experience – for all of us.”

About Day Training, Exercise & Rehab

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