Day Training, Exercise and Rehab

It isn’t enough to know how to train your dog. Success only comes when you work with your dog on a regular basis. That’s why Pets in Motion offers day training on a weekly schedule. One-on-one with a professional dog trainer, your dog gets to practice her manners while out for a hike, a walk around town or a dash at the dog park. The perfect way to reinforce what she learned in class or just brush up on greeting strangers, leash walking or recall, day training offers so much more than exercise alone; it channels your dog’s energy into an obedience-enhanced play routine that engages her mind and body. Even better, Pets in Motion offers experienced care for dogs with health issues. Whether its weight or age issues, or recovery from illness or surgery, we work with you and your vet to help establish a safe exercise or rehabilitation routine for optimal recovery.

A Client Story:

A New Leash on Life

Sara introduced Maggie to Pets in Motion when her tiny German shepherd puppy was just 9 weeks old. I hadn’t had a puppy in so long,” Sara remembers. “We brought her to Pets in Motion and she worked her way up from the puppy class, to Life in the Real World, and on to to Obedience 1. Even so, Maggie remained hard to manage.” Fetch the whole story.