Jonathan and Suzanne with Nigel; photo by Brenda Carpenter

A Real Class Act

At just ten pounds, Nigel doesn’t take up much room. But he sure can work one. Spring-loaded with puppy power, this adorable Toy Manchester Terrier loves nothing more than socializing with pups and their people.

“But that’s because Nigel’s been going to Pets in Motion classes since he was 12 weeks old,” explained Nigel’s person, Suzanne. “He’s been well socialized from Puppy Head Start, Life in the Real World, Obedience, Tricks, the whole curriculum.” And he’s got the charm school manners to prove it. In the fall he’ll be starting K9 Nose Work™.

“Reading training books wasn’t enough for us,” Suzanne continued. “We needed the kind of modeling Anne, Susie and Steve offered. They showed us how to observe Nigel, to really get know him to make the most of his training.” Even after learning his basic commands, Nigel kept coming to class. Suzanne and her husband Jonathan found the consistency of classes kept them focused on Nigel’s training. “The Pets in Motion team knows their stuff,” Suzanne explained. “They don’t overstate. They model the behavior they want to see. And when you follow their lead, you’ll get results.”

About Classes

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