Marcy and Morty; photo by Brenda Carpenter

Extreme Pup Makeover: The Morty Edition

Nothing prepared Marcy for a dog like Morty. The nipping, the barking, the constant activity, “there was just no downtime for Morty” Marcy explained. “He was a complete lunatic dog until Anne showed up.”

With this 13-week old Golden Doodle terrorizing her family and poor pet Pug, Marcy couldn’t take it anymore. “I really just wanted to love Morty, but we were having a bonding issue. We really needed help.”

Enter Pets in Motion. “Anne showed me what Morty needed was work to keep him busy,” said Marcy. “And in just one or two private lessons, she showed him what to do and he responded — just like that.” What most impressed Marcy was Anne’s direct style. “She just made it so easy. No trainer lingo or confusing steps. I could hardly believe it.”

Today Morty doesn’t steal food while Marcy cooks. He doesn’t bury kitchen utensils in the yard He’s got work to do in his Pets in Motion obedience and tricks classes. “Now Morty is the most amazing dog thanks to Anne,” Marcy exclaimed. “Honestly, I have to pinch myself. He’s the best dog we’ve ever had.”

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