Nancy and Taylor; photo by Brenda Carpenter

Ranch on the Side

With her refined posture and Standard Poodle do, Taylor isn’t a ranch dog out of central casting. But don’t let that fool you. This Montana transplant roamed the open land for the first six months of her life. So naturally her new job as a Main Line pet took some getting used to. “Anne knew just what to do,” said Taylor’s person, Nancy. From ranch dog to service dog, today Taylor’s the poster dog for second acts.

“She was dancing around the house, doing whatever she pleased, acting like a ranch dog with nothing to do,” Nancy recalled. “So Anne said, ‘how about we train her to be your service dog?’ and it worked.” A cabaret singer and busy senior, Nancy uses a cane to get around. With Anne’s help, Taylor learned to lend a paw around the house. “She can help me out of a chair. I can lean on her for balance. And she knows to stay with me now,” explained Nancy. “We’re coming along really well.”

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