Above: Goldie; below: Sarah; photo by Brenda Carpenter

Great Strides for One Great Dane

SarahIt takes a big heart to step up when a Great Dane needs an emergency foster home. Lucky for Goldie, Sarah’s heart has a soft spot for the breed.

“After having two other Great Danes, I thought I knew more than I probably did,” Sarah explained. But Goldie was different. What started as a slight anxiety around men escalated into a terrifying lunge at Sarah’s father who narrowly escaped a bite. “Suddenly I had this giant dog that I couldn’t control. I didn’t know what to do.”

After Goldie’s vet recommended euthanasia, Sarah reached out to Pets in Motion to help her weigh the risks of keeping Goldie. “I needed to know if there was anything I could do to help her overcome the abuse,” Sarah recalled. “After Anne started her assessment, we saw improvements in Goldie right away. But just as helpful was her report on how to keep Goldie under control while protecting other people and ourselves.” With suggestions for everything from a safety harness to reviewing our home owners’ policy, Anne set the stage for a safe future with Goldie.

Today Sarah marvels at Goldie’s progress. “The behavior modification and training really worked. She has a gentle mouth, walks on a loose lead, and even chooses the man in our home over everyone else,” Sarah explained. In fact Goldie’s behavior is so encouraging that she regularly “makes her rounds” at the nursing home where Sarah works. “She’s such a big mush now. Everybody just loves her.”

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