Behavioral and Aggression Counseling

Let’s face it, dogs behave like dogs. They dig. They bark. They jump on people. They pee in the house. They can’t help it. They’re dogs. So it’s up to us to teach our furry friends how to behave and get along in our homes and out in the world. And that includes managing aggressive behaviors. Wired in as a survival trait, aggression’s just one way dogs communicate with each other and other species. But with expert training and behavior modification, you can help your dog manage aggression and other unacceptable dog behaviors. Pets in Motion will take a detailed history of your dog’s behavior and assess him in your home. From inappropriate marking to separation anxiety to housetraining to aggression — we’ll not only help you understand why your dog does what he does, but establish a plan to manage and correct unwanted behaviors.

A Client Story:

Great Strides for One Great Dane

It takes a big heart to step up when a Great Dane needs an emergency foster home. Lucky for Goldie, Sarah’s heart has a soft spot for the breed.” Fetch the whole story…