Carol with Vixen. Photo by Brenda Carpenter.

Carol Millinghausen’s experience in training dogs was formalized in 2004, when she adopted Vixen, a fearful, highly reactive mixed breed. After consulting with a behaviorist and working with Vixen using positive reinforcement training, Carol knew that she wanted a career as a professional trainer.

She is passionate about training and understands first-hand the depth and dimension it brings to a relationship. Carol formalized her education by attending the Animal Behavior College, which she graduated from with honors. Since then she has trained thousands of dogs both in the classroom and privately. Her specialty is working with dog-dog reactivity.

A voracious reader, Carol consumes volumes written by the icons of scientific, positive-based training and routinely attends conferences by trainers such as Trish King, Pia Silvani, Kathy Sdao and Sue Sternberg.

After earning her BA in English education from Ursinus College, Carol spent 26 years in the corporate world, part of the time training account managers for a recycling company. Both her education and this experience have helped her develop superior communication skills that serve her well with both her canine and human clientele.

Carol is passionate about non-aversive, respectful training and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience combined with a great sense of humor to her sessions. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-KA, a Canine Good Citizen evaluator, a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and an active member of the Alliance for Professional Pet Trainers.

Carol continues to live with Vixen, who is the absolute love of her life and who continues to inspire her to be the best trainer possible.