Roberta and Petey; photo by Brenda Carpenter

Ready, Set, Sniff!

Roberta knows her dog sports. A regular competitor with her two Labradors in Agility, Obedience and Rally and Tracking, she was ready for something new. “I love watching dogs use their noses. You let them go and they just do it. I really wanted to try Nosework,” she said. But with the labs settling into retirement, it was up to Petey to sniff out the sport. Roberta’s feisty Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was already five years old when he put his nose to the ground for the first time. “Anne keeps the dogs really interested and motivated. And it’s all about positive reinforcement and fun.”

By working in different locations each week, Anne introduced the dogs to Nosework on the road. Roberta remembered, “We worked with the dogs in warehouses, in offices. It was the greatest thing and such fun getting together with that group.”

With so much experience in Dog Sport, Roberta found Anne’s approach to Nosework particularly rewarding. “Anne’s a wealth of knowledge. To have someone who goes to the seminars, who’s so enthusiastic and interested in the sport — it just makes the class so positive.”

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