Kathy and Darby with Duke and Bart; photo by Brenda Carpenter

Pup Culture 101

What’s better than one sweet Golden Retriever puppy? Kathy M. knows.“We planned on bringing one puppy home but ended up with two instead – Duke and Bart. Good thing Anne came to our house that day. We couldn’t have done this without her.”

In addition to handy pup-proofing tips, Anne recommended the Puppy Head Start program for the adorable new brood. Just right for socializing young puppies with their peers, this weekend class trains pups and their people in equal measure. “Not only was Puppy Head Start a great bonding experience for our family, but a fun Saturday morning activity the kids loved. We really appreciated how Pets in Motion incorporated them into the training process.” From house-training to leash walking, Duke and Bart aced the positive reinforcement training. “It was so easy to follow,” said Kathy. “Anne’s no-nonsense approach cut our training time in half.”

About Puppy Head Start

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