Lori with Baloo. Photo by Brenda Carpenter.

Lori LaHoda has felt a special connection with animals, especially dogs, from the time she was a young child. It has always been a dream of hers to be an animal trainer. She decided to take the steps to set this dream into motion by attending Animal Behavior College (ABC), from which she graduated with honors in 2018, receiving her ABC Dog Trainer Certification. Lori also passed pet CPR and first aid certification courses through ABC.

Prior to beginning her dog training career, Lori’s background was in early childhood and elementary education. She graduated summa cum laude from Neumann College in 2003. Lori has taught kindergarten and fifth grade, and was both the director of education and the center director for a Sylvan Learning Center.

Lori’s passion is combining her elementary education and dog training backgrounds, working with families with children and dogs to help foster a more harmonious environment for everyone, utilizing positive training methods. It excites her to see children take an active and responsible role in the training and care of their four-legged friends. She believes that the training process should be fun and exciting for both ends of the leash. She enjoys helping puppies become confident, well-socialized dogs who are able to participate in family activities and outings. Lori also strives to help families incorporate exercise for their dogs’ bodies and minds into their daily routines.

Lori currently has two 4-year-old Danes, Ruba and Baloo, one of whom has been visually impaired since birth. When she is not training, Lori enjoys spending time down the shore in North Wildwood, New Jersey, with her family, her husband of 14 years, and her dogs. She has also used her vacation time to volunteer at the Cape May County Animal Shelter, working with rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes. She also enjoys going to the dog park to observe and study canine interactions, behavior, and communication. Lori loves to begin and end each day with family dance party, Great Danes included!