Mary with her Sheltie/Spitz/Border Collie mix, Carley. Photo by Brenda Carpenter.

Mary Whitman is a lifelong animal lover and began focusing on canine behavior when she adopted her first dog in 2004. She quickly recognized the special bond that can form between dogs and their guardians. She sought to enhance and reinforce that bond by enrolling in various obedience and agility classes. Most recently, she and her dogs have become enthusiastic participants in several K-9 Nose Work™ classes at Pets in Motion.

Mary is passionate about a positive, rewards-based approach to training. She feels that a relaxed, fun environment can make training even more enjoyable and ultimately more successful for both dogs and their owners.

Mary continues to expand her knowledge by attending seminars by experts such as Susan Friedman and Jill Marie O’Brien.

Mary is an enthusiastic advocate of rescue dogs. She is an active volunteer at the Providence Animal Center, where she has had the opportunity to interact with a variety of breeds and behaviors. She is a member of the behavior team, concentrating on basic obedience training. She also engages the dogs in K-9 Nose Work™ exercises, providing them with both physical exercise and mental stimulation as they await their forever homes.

Mary graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in sociology. She is the proud owner of a quirky, intelligent Sheltie/Spitz/Border Collie mix named Carley, an adorable Corgi/Pomeranian mix named Derek, and a cat, Rajah, who helps keep his canine siblings in line. They all make her laugh every day.