Steve Chance
Steve with Betty; photo by Brenda Carpenter

Knowing how to train your dog is the first step to a well-behaved pet. But a consistent training routine always yields the best results. That’s where Steve Chance comes in. As an assistant trainer and Day Training and Exercise manager at Pets in Motion, Steve brings a calm consistency to your dog’s training experience. Whether it’s daily exercise visits or special care for dogs in recovery, Steve reinforces positive training skills at every opportunity. With Steve at the other end of the leash, dogs get more than regular exercise; they practice walking on a loose lead, greeting strangers and minding their manners. Even better, Steve helps build on the core training skills dogs learn in class or in private training for maximum results.

A regular in the Pets in Motion classrooms and at dog training workshops and conferences, Steve continues to develop his expertise in rewards-based dog training. He’s an associate member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a 2009 graduate of the Instructor Training Course (ITC); and has completed an Eden Mountain Teaching and Training Internship with Sue Sternberg and Leslie Burgard. Steve also holds a MFA from Southern Methodist University.